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temp-post-imageBecause I am the spokesman for Sweating Seniors  I was recently granted the opportunity to be interviewed by the digital editor of Austin Business Journal, Will Anderson. During the interview I spoke about my goals and the mission of the Sweating Seniors team which is to encourage people of all ages to think about their health and overall fitness and make the decisions that will be beneficial for them. Although I’m primarily focusing on the senior age group, I’m 74, everyone regardless of age, whether they like to think about it or not, must realize that as long as they are not struck down by bad luck or bad decisions they will some day be a senior person. I have had the personal honor of being complimented by young fit people on my own level of fitness. That is very gratifying. I’m told that it’s inspiring to know that with age fitness can be maintained. This is the message that I attempted to project during the interview.

A special thank you to Will Anderson for being patient and listening to my long answers to his short questions. I really hope that by seeing my training pictures and watching the videos that people will be inspired, realize that they have more inside themselves than they are consciously aware of and say to themselves, “If a 74 year old can do that I certainly can make the effort to help myself”.

Jerry Rothouse,

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