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TOP 10 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GOOD HEALTH FOR ANYONE 1. Achieve and keep a healthy weight. Being overweight puts a strain on the whole body. Especially stressful for the heart and all the internal organs that are forced to support excess weight. That excess weight must be carried by the spine, hips, knees ankles and feet. These are the mechanical components …

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Correlation of Sleep Deprivation and Accidents

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CORRELATION OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND ACCIDENTS How much impact does sleep deprivation make on a person’s mind and body? A little drowsiness at the office…a millisecond of mental shut-down as you drive down the highway? The facts glaringly bear out the dangers of losing sleep. Some of the worst industrial disasters recorded in history — the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster and …

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A guide on buying Tennis shoes

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A GUIDE ON BUYING TENNIS SHOES A good pair of quality tennis shoes is important for a good tennis match. Contrary to what most people think that sneakers will do for a game of tennis, this is not at all advisable. Tennis shoes are needed if you want to get the most out of every tennis game you play. The …

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An Anabolic State That Supports Muscle Growth

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AN ANABOLIC STATE THAT SUPPORTS MUSCLE GROWTH You can only build muscle if your body is in the correct anabolic balance to allow growth to take place. Intensive exercise is clearly an important part of the muscle building process but achieving the maximum muscle mass depends on putting the building blocks in place. This is achieved through sound nutritional practices …

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Getting Fit Again as a Senior

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Are you a formerly active senior person Getting Fit Again? Do you want to reclaim your fitness?  Getting fit was easy when we were young. Many of us seniors were active in our youth and our middle age years. What happened? Life happened. Work, family and all the responsibilities of life took over your time. Those weekly softball games got …

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Cut Down On Healthcare By Taking Care Of Your Health

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CUT DOWN ON HEALTHCARE BY TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH All people need to utilize healthcare professionals and services throughout their lifetime. It is important that people make regular visits to their physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals for checkups and to keep tabs on their health. My suggestion is not that people stop going to see their doctor or …

Dangerous Weight Loss Drugs Vs. Safer Alternatives

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DANGEROUS WEIGHT LOSS DRUGS VS. SAFER ALTERNATIVES Sometimes when we become so self-conscious about weight loss our physical appearance we would do almost anything to eliminate those unwanted pounds of fat. And sometimes we feel there are only a few choices to choose from. So what do many slightly and really overweight people do? Many turn to diet drugs without …

Danger! Our kids’ health is at risk

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DANGER! OUR KIDS’ HEALTH IS AT RISK The our kids’ on the whole face a very serious problem at present. It is obesity.Now matter how much time adults spend in the gym, it will not change the situation much till we do not pay attention to the need of physical activity for our children who are going to track the …

Dance to Your Health

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DANCE TO YOUR HEALTH We as a world are more aware than ever of the importance of dance and physical fitness to our overall health. While we remain aware of the need for physical activity far too many of us find far too few reasons to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives and routines. There are many reasons that …