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Baby Boomer Athletes Inspire Youngsters

Attention all you baby boomer athletes

Yes, that’s you. I see you out there. You’re at the gym, you’re running roads and trails and churning the water swimming and rowing. You’re active in the sports you love. You are the people who set the example for all others. It’s easy to be an athlete while young. Not easy for baby boomer athletes. You overcome the years with massive effort and iron self discipline. That’s what makes you the leaders. Everyone wants to live long enough to reach their senior years. Let’s continue to show them what they can achieve.

I demonstrate how I set an example

 Reach for Your Stars

Your stars are the awards you give yourself when you surpass a previous personal best 

Baby boomer athletes such as myself may feel that we can’t equal our past performance due to our age. As realists we accept the fact that we’re not as fast or strong as we were. How do we advance? We advance by adjusting the challenge. Lift lighter weights but do more repetitions. Go for a warm up run of a few miles then run a series of 100 yard wind sprints. Next run day do one more sprint. Keep a record and keep trying to break out to a new best. Give yourself a Gold Star when (not if) you do.

I swim and run

 The Joy of Sweat

We are descended from hunter gatherers

Our ancient ancestors stayed on the move in order to survive. They were very tough and rugged people. Genetically our bodies are the same. We’re bigger and live longer but need the same type of activity. Do you feel a spiritual connection with the past when the sweat is pouring off you? You are the end result of all those previous generations. You have that inner strength deep inside. It only appears during your most challenging efforts. Baby boomer athletes love to sweat. 

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