Baby boomer injuries and the safety measures to avoid them

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After the Second World War, upon the return of the American soldiers back to their homes, there had been an unprecedented population explosion between the years 1946 and 1964. The epoch was coined the baby boomer generation. This generation had marked outstanding achievements in almost every aspect of living. They also made significant contributions in in many fields.

For these reasons, baby boomers had been the popular subject of studies and surveys. Baby boomers are enthusiastic and active community of people who are known for being independent. However, the baby boomers are currently entering the inevitable phase of old age. They now range from forty-two to sixty years of age.

Nevertheless, the baby boomers are still the generation that imparts the virtues of labor and being active. And to act what they had just preached, baby boomers have been found to be obsessed with exercising. It is because exercise and sports are the simplest way to stay active and to slow down the aging process. Unfortunately, the baby boomers are not exempted to the rule of “too much for something”. Now, the term “boomeritis” was coined to signify the consequence of devouring too much on exercise.

Reports of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the boomers’ injuries had caused 488 million hours of labor for health practitioners in the past year. The year 2005 recorded over a million injuries which resulted to 365 thousand visits to hospitals. And an estimated nineteen billion dollars were spent for health management of the baby boomers the past year.

Particularly in Windsor, Ontario the baby boomers at the age of 50 still push their bodies hard to exercise. This resulted to tendonitis, arthritis in knees and hips, bursitis and other traumatic health conditions. The popular reason for visiting the doctors was due to colds, but for baby boomers it is the wear and tear injuries.

In Windsor, Ontario Canada, knee replacements hiked to fifty percent since 1995 until 2000. Presently, there are additional centers to perform knee operations to address the needs of the aging baby boomers who are suffering from these injuries.

To avoid undergoing repeated operations due to injuries, the following are some pointers for aging baby boomers who are advocates of the active lifestyle.

The primary rule is to choose the apt exercise according to your health condition. For the aged boomers, jogging can be very exhausting to their joints compared to swimming and walking. It is because jogging involves severe pressure especially on the knees. When doing an exercise or engaging to sports, it is important to listen to your body. When the body starts to experience pains, it is a way of telling you to ease off.

Exercise is not forbidden for aging baby boomers, in fact it is recommended to be part of their everyday routine. On the other hand, moderation is advised. Baby boomers are devoted to their sports in their younger years. But even so, the activities that you used to accomplish effortlessly may need some modifications already. It is because even athletes experience wear and tear of bones and tissues.

To enhance the production of healthy collagens, which are responsible for the cartilage, you must be properly nourished with vitamin C. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Moreover, healthy foods will equip you with the needed nutrients to sustain your activities.

Another helpful tip for aging baby boomers is to perform warm up exercises first before engaging to vigorous ones. Proper stretching of muscles for at least three minutes will do. This will help avoid breaking the bones and undergoing artificial implants.

Use only the proper equipment such as proper shoes, gears and gadgets. These things can either give you a good workout or a bad injury. Also, follow the proper techniques of the sports and activities that you do.

When you are undergoing a fitness program, it will be helpful to make variations. The combination of the different kinds of exercises such as aerobic activities combined with strength training will make the bones stronger and more flexible.

Despite the adversities of aging, baby boomers are still playing the role of being the active generation. And up to date, they pursue that reputation.

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