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Are you a senior person feeling your years and missing the activities of your youth?

Do you miss the energy level and vigor that the activities of your youth provided?

Do you recall the quick recovery from any amount of fatigue? I think we seniors, I’m 72, would all agree that being young was a very good time in our lives. I hope all of you made the most of it and enjoyed it immensely. Now life is different. As realists we must acknowledge that reality. What do we do with our senior years to make the most out of them? First and foremost we must do all we can to keep our bodies functional and our mental capacity unencumbered by the diseases commonly associated with age. I’m referring primarily to Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, there can also be diminished mental capabilities without the disease. We must exercise our body to keep it healthy and functional. We must keep our brain sharp by using it for problem-solving and learning new information.  A healthy body is needed to support a healthy brain. The physical and cerebral are interconnected. Addressing these two issues together is your personal mission to achieve fulfillment.

How Physical Activities Work The Mind by WEB MD

Are you a lifelong athlete?

Do you run, swim, ride your bicycle lift weights, row, play tennis or any other sports?

To be qualified as a sport the participants must raise their heart rates, get out of breath and sweat. That’s why golf and bowling are activities, not sports.  The point here is to isolate what we all can and should do to slow down the aging process. Getting older is not easy. We need to push back against it. Sure, anyone can just determine that they’re old now so what difference does it make. The difference is your choice between a healthy, vigorous and long old age or a broken down short old age. For all of you who have never really been athletic, now is the time to start. Anyone of any age, and especially a senior person must have a full professional medical examination and evaluation before indulging in strenuous exercise.

Know Your Heart

Flexibility Prevents Injuries

If you have heart problems your doctor may very well tell you to not do anything more strenuous than walking. Walking is one of the healthiest yet underrated activities we can indulge in. We can turn walking into a sport by walking fast, walking up hills and walking while carrying a pack, also know as hiking. You control the speed and distance to make it as easy or as difficult as is determined to do the most good. Just being outside deep breathing the fresh air does wonders for us. Walking may evolve to jogging for you and that might even become running.

If you are overweight, you need to change your diet and start sweating.

There’s a reason our website is sweating seniors, not just seniors. 

Becoming overweight happened over a period not overnight so don’t expect to lose a lot in a hurry. Crash diets are not good. Drugs to curtail appetite are not good nor do you need them. What is the condition of your ankle, knee and hip joints? Have you worn away cartilage? Do your knees hurt when you walk? That is where MRIs are needed to show an orthopedic surgeon what it looks like in there. If your doctor says no running and limited walking, then you can still get a great cardio workout on a stationary bike. Stationary is safest because you can push yourself and not worry about falling off. That is a great exercise. You’ll sweat, raise your heart rate and get out of breath. Same as a bicycle race without the road crashes.

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Sweating And Laughing


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