Reasons why seniors need a personal trainer

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Okay, so you are a senior person over age 60 and you need a personal trainer.  If you don’t think of yourself as being old I can relate. At age 74 I don’t fit the mold of old and I have had help.

We need a personal trainer because:

Reason #1. We are more susceptible to injuries. We don’t like to think about this but it’s a fact that the resiliency of youth diminishes with age. We can still work our bodies but we need to be more careful because we require more healing time. Some injuries might not ever heal so let’s avoid them. A knowledgeable trainer will guide your activities the right way.

Reason #2. No matter how many books we read or how much study and conversations with others we will never know as much as a top trainer who has been training people of all ages, all sizes and all different physical abilities and conditions.

Reason #3. When you have a training program developed for you as an individual you have a structure in place that you can follow wherever you are.

Reason #4. As time goes by your trainer will continue to observe your progress and advance your challenge always striving for improvement. That’s something we can’t do as well ourselves because we can not be 100% objective. Our own feelings and beliefs cloud reality.

Reason #5. When you have been with the same trainer for a substantial amount of time, yes this will vary with individuals, that trainer can push you harder and further than you can push yourself while not letting you go too far and causing yourself an injury.

Reason #6. When you have your training schedule set you will feel so much better than when you began that sticking to it will become automatic. You’ll know that at a certain time on certain days you have an appointment with your destiny and you will not give it up.


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