Getting Fit Again as a Senior

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Are you a formerly active senior person Getting Fit Again? Do you want to reclaim your fitness? 

Getting fit was easy when we were young. Many of us seniors were active in our youth and our middle age years. What happened? Life happened. Work, family and all the responsibilities of life took over your time. Those weekly softball games got dropped. Your daily run, swimming laps on weekends, time at the gym, and all your favorite athletic activities went by the wayside. That’s okay – it happens to most of us!
But now is the time to commit and reclaim your fitness. You can’t wait. You’re not getting any younger.

Exercise is the Key Way to Getting Fit Again

Studies by the National Institute on Aging (NIA)  prove the importance and necessity of exercise. So, you can start to reclaim your fitness by indulging in a regular exercise program. You’ll improve your quality of life and decrease the risk of heart problems and other illnesses and disabilities. Exercise really is the best way to healthy, successful aging. Physical activities help you stay fit so you can keep doing what you enjoy. Whatever your age, there are activities that meet your fitness level.

Build up to the Right Amount of Exercise

Three hours a week of moderate-intensity endurance activity should be your minimum goal. Start with walking and build up to walking fast. You should breathe deep and sweat. Find your own level and over time increase intensity. You should do some walking every day and I don’t mean from the couch to the refrigerator! You need muscle-strengthening activities 2 or 3 times a week. Exercise all major muscle groups; Chest and arms, back and torso, legs and hips, arms and shoulders.

Getting Fit is Safe for Most Everyone

Do you suffer from high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or another age-related problem? That’s fine – a sensible exercise program is still likely to be safe for you. Been a few years since you’ve exercised? Check with your doctor before getting started!

Four Categories of Physical Exercise

Endurance activities include walking, running, bicycling and swimming. These exercises raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system. You breathe deep, sweat and move fresh oxygenated blood throughout your body.

Muscle Strengthening is best accomplished by lifting weights. Lifting and carrying objects such as firewood would also qualify. Free motion exercise machines are also very good. It’s surprising how much weight lifting work you can do at home with a few dumbbells of various weights.

Body Flexibility is what keeps you loose and limber. Massage, yoga or stretching, can help prevent the aches and pains from injuries. Flexibility should be an important part of your routine and is often overlooked. It doesn’t do you any good to be strong if your body hurts.

Balance is Power. Without good balance, we are less able to indulge in any activity. You can practice simple movements like standing on one foot or standing with your eyes closed.

National Institute on Health Balance Movements

Essential Activities For Seniors HERE

The author demonstrating a one-foot balance test

Getting Fit Requires Balance – Use a Balance Disc to Test Yourself  

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  1. Excellent advice for the senior community! The great thing about working with older adults, is seeing them progress. Some of my clients in their 70’s have seen their mobility, energy, strength and over-all capability improve so much that they’re out participating in activities they couldn’t do in their 40’s! They’re actually hitting their prime at 70! It’s amazing what activity can do to make age just a number.

    1. Author

      Thank you Sandy. Since we all have a chance to be great as we age it makes good sense to do so. Best Regards,

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