Sleep Help for People who Struggle at Night

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Do you find it hard to get a good night’s sleep? Are you looking into the different ways of helping you to obtain more sleep at night? Is stress affecting your sleep patterns? A couple of years ago I am the type of person who would have answered yes to all of these questions. In this article, I give advice which may help other people to have a better nights sleep.

I am somebody who loves going to bed and who loves going to sleep. I also feel that I need at least seven hours of sleep per night. If I do not manage to sleep for this amount of time I wake up in a very negative state of mind and am unable to work throughout the day to my best level.

The problem that I have is that I am somebody who easily becomes stressed. This can happen over the smallest of things and I tend to see these problems as much bigger than they actually are. I am also quite a paranoid person and used to always worry about what other people thought and were saying about me.

This stress and over anxiety often affected my speech and I tried many things to help me with the situation. Counting sheep did not work and other methods that I read about were also of little use. I would often see the clock by my bed change from three to four, to five and to six in the morning. This would get me down as I knew that this would result in me having a bad day when I eventually got out of bed.

It was as if my brain was unable to switch off, my mind was always thinking and worrying and could not shut down or relax enough for me to fall asleep.

A friend of mine then recommended that I needed to completely tire out my body before even attempting to go to bed and to sleep. He advised that I should perhaps do a lot more exercise, possibly going for a swim in the early evening and then for a long jog a few hours later. I could also purchase some type of home gym and have a good workout at around 10pm. By doing this he suggested my body would have no choice but to sleep.

I gave my friends advice ago and am very happy to report that it worked for me.

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