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Seniors Must Sweat More Hours to Live More Years

Sweat more to cleanse your body

Your body needs to sweat. When you sweat you expel toxins. If you don’t sweat you retain toxins. Sweating also boosts endorphins, lowers the risk of kidney stones and helps prevent colds and other illnesses. All people, and especially those of us who are seniors, should sweat more than we  do.

Many sweat more benefits listed HERE

Sweating for your heart

You’ve made the decision to reclaim the athleticism you enjoyed for so long. To do so you need to overcome and eliminate any self doubts. You can run, join an aerobics class, bicycle or indulge in any other activities that raise your heart rate and make you sweat more. You remember what that was like and how good it makes you feel. Don’t wait to get started.

Your heart needs cardio training – HERE’S WHY

I’m having fun with cardio


Invent your own cardio training

Use your imagination. You can raise your heart rate and sweat more doing yard work. Turn the task of raking leaves into a cardio training session. When you go for a walk pick up the pace. Breathe deep and expand your chest. Walking is one of the best natural activities for our bodies. Find a flight of stairs to go up and down. Do sets of stairs. I guarantee that sets of stair climbs are a great cardio workout. These are the types of activities that will help you get reconditioned.

I challenge myself at age 72 out in the street


You can be your best

Start with an honest assessment of your present physical conditiuon. Strengthen your self image by establishing strong daily habits for success. You remember when you surprised everyone with some athletic feat. You hit a home run, aced a tennis shot, won a ping pong game or anything that was above your regular skill level. What a great feeling that was. Do you want to feel that again? Of course you do. Join us sweating seniors and sweat more for your health, fitness and fun.

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