Acupressure – is more than just massaging

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Acupressure is one the oldest Chinese traditions used to cure many of our health problems. It involves use of pressure by your hand, elbow and other means. This form of healing has been in existence for more than 5,000 years. A technique recommended by many and has been used world over. It is a simple method if you know how to do it. Acupuncture is another practice wherein needles are used on the pressure points to cure ailments.

How does it work?

Acupressure is a plain and simple science which has helped many people. Our body has many different pressure points. By applying pressure on these points, it energizes the necessary organs, which leads to healing of the ailing body. The idea behind acupressure is harmony of mind and soul. The relief it provides by the simple touch and pressure can be turn around in their life.

It helps in resurfacing the lost and blocked energy in the curvatures of your body. There is a belief that our body gets charged by the ‘Qi’ pronounced as ‘Chi’. The energy moves along the surfaces of our bodies known as ‘meridians’. Applying pressure does all trick sending energy to places where it has been stuck for a very long time.

Two common ways of doing acupressure are the ‘Shiatsu’ and the ‘Jin Sin’. Shiatsu is the common therapy which uses immense pressure, whereas Jin Shin is the gentler form of acupressure that uses soft touch and gentle strokes. Irrespective of the techniques of acupressure, the basic aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere.


It is a very easy process and can be learnt without much difficulty. The best way to learn is to try it on oneself. Some of the common benefits which acupressure provides us are:

1. Relaxes your mind and body
2. Increases blood circulation
3. Relieves from stress related problems like fatigue, insomnia
4. Heals injuries
5. Helps with Menopause and PMS
6. Helps in relieving joint aches and pains
7. Acts as a first aid in case of injury
8. Builds in vigor
9. Reduces labor pain
10. Cures common illnesses like cold, sinusitis, migraine
11. Relaxes the muscular tension
12. Helps in improving muscle strength and tone


– Learn acupressure from a thorough professional
– While practicing on yourself, have someone around you
– Avoid open wounds, surgery, broken bone, skin infection and other problems
– Prevent specific pressure points during pregnancy
– Avoid acupressure on full stomach
– Avoid cold drinks especially during winter
– Wear comfortable clothes
– Do acupressure for a limited period of time do not overdo it

Acupressure for arthritis –

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