Footwear for Your Walking Fitness

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Walking is Naturally Healthy
Footwear makes or breaks walking. Walking is one of the best exercises a person can get especially for people 50 and over. Planning a fitness program, as a family outing is a great way to get fit the family in fit and having fun together is great for all of them. Walking is a good way to strengthen up the muscles, toning the body, and losing unwanted inches. Your health will benefit from walking as well because it can help to control heart disease, strokes, relieve stress and anxiety, help to prevent colon cancer and many other health problems you may have. We all can benefit from a walking exercise program. One step ahead is one step closer to better health.
The Right type and Fit
When planning a program to include walking, like all other programs you need to start out slow and have the proper gear to keep from having injuries accrue. Walking is not expensive. The only thing you really need to buy is good footwear. The proper fit and a good walking shoe are very important to help prevent injuries. We are walking to become healthier not to be injured. Making sure your footwear is proper to help prevent blisters, sore arches, lower back pain, sprained ankles, and help prevent harm to the knees. Make sure when buying you walking shoes that they are well cushioned on the inside with a good arch. The width needs to be the right size as well as the size shoe itself. No one likes blisters and warts from wearing sloppy shoes. If your shoe flops around as you walk, you know it is too big especially when you start getting sore spots on your heels or anywhere else.
Walking and Running
When choosing your new shoes for walking be sure they are recommended for walking. If you are planning a hiking trip through the woods and hills, you should be wearing a hiking boot made just for walking. Your shoe should be firm to hold it’s shape but will bend easily. Waterproof is another thing you need to think about if you plan to walk outside regardless of the weather; wet shoes can rub and make a blister. If you can’t find good walking shoes that are a comfortable fit try checking out running shoes. They are a little different tread than a walking shoe. Running shoes are the second choice for walking though so keep that in mind if you buy running shoes.
The Right Footwear for Each Activity
A hiking boot is ok but only recommended if walking in the woods or hills. They are designed for the woods, not the sidewalk.
Always dress for the weather when walking. If it is in the winter look for footwear that is warm and waterproof. You might think just because you’ll be moving that your feet will stay warm, but that isn’t true. Protect your feet from frostbite. Make sure there is good tread on your boot to help prevent you from slipping on the snow or ice. It only takes a little slip to sprain an ankle or make you fall in front of a car even. Waterproof boots are good for the fall and spring when rain could come at any time. Wet feet can mean sore feet before you get back home.
When walking in the summer you might want a little lighter style walking shoes. You can buy walking shoes with air vents on the side to keep the air circulating around your feet. Sweaty feet can make sores too so be comfortable and don’t forget to carry a bottle of water with you so dehydration doesn’t set in.

Start walking to new health and fitness with the right shoe to fit your needs and the weather. Have Fun.

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