Six Principles for the Right Mindset for Senior Health

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Everything good begins with the right mindset

People who have a positive attitude will have a much better life than those who lack the right mindset.  You can see the long term results by observing seniors. We all want to be healthy as we age and first, we must believe we can be. Will you take the steps to make it happen? Don’t allow others to discourage you. You can do this. 

Here are six key principles that are part of an active senior mindset – and can keep you healthy!

Don’t act your age

Don’t believe you’re too old to improve your health. At age 72 my face shows my age. I don’t let that control what my body can do. That’s our great gift from Mother Nature. The human body is a miraculous machine. Your body can do more for you than you’re  aware of. Determining to prove that to yourself is the right mindset.

Here I am at age 72 not acting my age

Structure your daily activities

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Be sure to have at least 15 minutes of exercise in the morning. The human body loves routine. This is more relevant as we age. When you were young you could keep irregular hours and adjust as needed. That’s not the right mindset for senior health. Your body will function best if you eat your meals at the same time each day.

Think about what you like about yourself

Don’t think about your known shortcomings. We all have them. Think about all the good things you have done. Think about the aspects of your life that others admire and do all you can to continue to improve. That’s the right mindset to maintain a great self-image.

 Your body needs motion

Your body will wear out faster without exercise. Exercise is all about moving your body. Life is motion. To stop moving is to die. Don’t speed up that process. Ask a healthy person over age 80 how to stay healthy and the first thing they say is “keep moving!’

Do something that you’ve never done before

Do you know what they call an old dog that can’t learn new tricks? That’s called Old Dog. You do not want to be like that. I have met people over age 60 who never learned to swim. They decided to learn and enriched their lives by doing so. With the right mindset, you can learn a new physical activity that will add joy and years to your life.

Fun activities

Bowling, bad mitten, ping pong, pool, darts, shuffleboard, painting, fishing, gardening, arts, and crafts, photography, yoga, dancing, ice skating, water skiing. The list is endless.

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