Breakfast Smoothies

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America has a pretty fast paced culture in which everyone’s constantly on the go or in a rush. We drive around in cars, we take our food to go, we get impatient if we have to wait more than 2 seconds for a web page to load, and now we don’t even eat breakfast anymore, as in sitting down for the most important meal of the day. Many people actually skip breakfast, or they wolf it down instead of taking their time. Breakfast used to be laid out in bowls, baskets and plates but now they come in the form of a bar or a bottle. The breakfast smoothie in particular has become a popular choice, maybe because you don’t have to go through the trouble of chewing it.

There are consequences to not eating a good breakfast. When we skip breakfast, we don’t get the energy we need to get through the day, and while some people rationalize this as eating fewer calories, the fact is that most people get hungry and gorge later. This can result in eating more calories than usual, not less. And for those of us who do eat our breakfasts, it’s important that our meals are balanced. When you watch all of those cereal commercials, they often end with part of a complete breakfast,î while flashing a scene of a table set with fruit and other assorted healthy foods in the background. Unfortunately, many people miss that part and they might eat several helpings of cereal instead. It tastes better and it’s easy to fix.

So the great thing about the breakfast smoothie is that it’s quick AND good for you. You can make your own smoothies at home by just mixing together all the fruits you have on hand that you think would taste good with each other with some ice and milk. But of course, this takes extra time so fortunately breakfast smoothie bottles are available at a grocery store near you. They come in all sorts of flavors from the stereotypical strawberry banana to the more exotic blueberry and passion fruit. While this might be a lazier option, which is usually unhealthy, buying breakfast smoothies can actually be healthier because they’re provided in controlled portions, whereas at home you might decide to add sugary juices and sherbet to the mix. A breakfast smoothie bottle tells you exactly what ingredients you’re drinking and how many calories you’re consuming.

It’s possible to be on the go and still get all of the nourishment that you need to stock up on the breakfast smoothies to get all of your mornings to a quick, healthy start.


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