2K Electronic Medical Records

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2K Electronic Medical Records
105 West Torrance Boulevard
Suite 106
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Toll Free 866-350-4406
2K Electronic Medical Records Announces Partnership with SpringCharts Electronic Health Records
2K Electronic Medical Records today announced that they are offering SpringCharts Electronic Health Records solutions. This product is geared to provide a comprehensive health record interface for medical practices. With the incredible functionality and quantitative information input capabilities, this product has garnered worldwide interest and acclaim.
Redondo Beach, California, February 5, 2008 ñ SpringCharts EMR, an award winning software solution for health record needs, is now offered through 2K Medical Records. SpringCharts EMR is more than a simple compound software package, though. This program has the potential to streamline office processes, reducing time and manpower costs. With the increasing need to reduce the costs of medical care, this program showcases the ability to substantially improve interoffice functionality.
SpringCharts EMR offers HIPAA compliance with user configured security settings, the ability to restrict access to any screens charts or information and much more. In addition, SpringCharts EMR provides a patient tracker function with real time views of all patients and instant update of information, an appointment scheduler capable of multi user functionality and complete integration with other components and a tasks/to do listing. The automated correspondence feature allows customizable templates and is integrated with the email system.
SpringCharts EMR templates offer the ability to use office forms as templates for future use, the creation of custom templates as well as mini-templates and pop up templates for in depth information inputting. Utilizing standard protocols and procedures, this product automates many redundant office processes.
For additional information about SpringCharts EMR, visit http://www.2kmedicalrecords.com, or call 866-350-4406
About 2K Medical Records ñ Located in Redondo Beach, California, 2K Electronic Medical Records is dedicated to bringing the most functional software assistance possible to medical offices, hospitals and private practices. Their innovative line of products offers stability, ease of use and full functionality.

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