How Exercise Affects Your Body Temperature Rhythm

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If you want to instantly increase the quality of your sleep and control your body temperature then start an exercise program if you don’t exercise already. Exercise helps you sleep better in a number of ways, I’m not even going to mention all the other health benefits! :

· Exercise will raise your body temperature rhythm, and make your body temperature “peak” at a higher level. This will increase your energy levels throughout the day, you’ll feel more awake, alive, and motivated.

· As your body temperature levels will max out at a higher level, your body temperature will also drop more easily and deeper. This will allow you to sleep deeply, without interruptions.

· Regular exercise will prevent your body temperature rhythm from “flat-lining”, which will allow you to sleep deeply even if you’ve had a stressful day, or couldn’t exercise on one particular day.

· Exercise delays the body temperature “drop” in the evening, allowing you to stay awake and alert longer without feeling tired and drowsy.

· Exercise is also a great relief of tension and stress, which as you’ll later find out, is a major cause of sleeping disorders.

If you don’t exercise yet, GET A MOVE ON IT! and start now. The best time to exercise is in the morning, as this will promote a quick temperature rise. However, avoid exercise 3 hours prior to going to sleep, as your body temperature will probably still be on the rise, and you may find falling asleep / sleeping deeply more difficult.

If you don’t exercise, I’m not suggesting you get up off your butt right now, get a membership at your local gym and begin a full scale work out program. You can do that only if you really want to. However, recent study shows that just moderate exercise during the day has many health benefits. If you can’t motivate yourself to start exercising regularly, you could find a less intensive physical activity that you still enjoy, like walking briskly, biking, rollerblading, these will still have a substantial effect at raising your body temperature.

My final point about this would be: What’s the Point of Trying to Rejuvenate your Body, and Increasing the Quality of Your Sleep, if You’re Not Going to USE YOUR BODY?

Body Temperature Rhythm & Exercise

The fastest way to increase the quality of sleep is to get into a exercise regimen, if you already do not do so. Exercise helps the quality of sleep in numerous ways, not to mention the other health benefits it has on your body.

· Regular Exercise increases your body temperature rhythm, and makes your body peak at a higher level. The result is that you will have a better energy level throughout the day feeling more motivated, alive and positive.

· Since your body peaks at a higher level, the body temperature will also drop faster and deeper, thus facilitating deep and uninterrupted sleep.

· Flat lining of your body temperature rhythm is prevented by daily exercise, helping you to sleep easier on stressful days and even on days when do not exercise..

· Regular exercise delays the evening temperature drop allowing you to stay awake and alert for a longer time.

· Exercise also relieves stress, a major cause of sleeping disorders.

If exercise not already a part of your daily regimen, it’s not too late to start now. The best and the right time to exercise is early in the morning as it will facilitate a quick temperature rise. Avoid exercising 3-4 ours before your sleeping time, because by that time your body temperature will still be on the rising trend, rendering the process of falling asleep more difficult.

Exercise need not be really strenuous. When I say begin exercise, I do not mean that you should go join a gym or embark upon a full time workout program. Moderate exercise has most beneficial effects on the body and you can begin your own workout program from home. If you are not in favor of monotonous exercise, you can choose an equally demanding physical activity like aerobics, cycling, swimming, walking or alike. These will have the same effect on raising body temperature.

The final point is: What’s the objective of rejuvenating your body and improving the quality of your sleep, when you are not going to USE YOUR BODY?

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