Quit Smoking With Exercise

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When you decide to quit smoking, you’ll notice other positive
positive changes start to happen in your life as well. Smoking is a
very addictive habit, meaning that it is very hard
to quit. There are a lot of changes that take place,
although exercise can be a big help to you, when you
decide to quit.

Try to set a new routine, such as working out or
going to the gym. If that isn’t possible, you
should try waking up earlier and going for a short
walk. If you can turn that walk into a run or a
jog, it is going to be very stimulating and one of the best
ways to start your day.

Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to mean
trying to lift heavy weights and struggle. If you don’t have the time to stop
by the gym every day, then it isn’t really that big
of a problem, because you can always choose to workout
at home.

Whether you choose to workout at home or a gym,
you should always remember that consistency is
key. It isn’t getting started that’s the difficult
part, it’s sticking to a regular exercise program
that is difficult, and proves to be the stumbling block
for most people.

Some people have a great start, they will buy
exercise clothes, gym gear, running shoes, and
other equipment, so their first day at the gym is
almost like a celebration. As the days go by though,
they find it difficult to meet the demands,
and their routine slows down, finally
coming to a complete exercise burnout.

One mistake several people make is choosing
the evenings to exercise. If evenings fit your
life style, then it’s fine. For most people however,
the evening hours are when they are completely
pooped. By the evening, most of us are drained,
and simply too tired to exercise. Therefore, it
is best to set some time aside for exercise
in the morning, to get your day started off right.

In the morning, wake up a half an hour or so
earlier, put on your shoes, and hit the road. Most
roads are less crowded in the morning,
making it a wonderful and relaxing commute.

Plan your day to where you’ll have something fun to
do at the end of the day. It doesn’t need to be
something that involves a lot money,
spending time with family,
playing games, or going for a walk with your
family, are all good activities.

There are many other methods you can use to
beat stress. You can try breathing exercises,
meditation or listen to music. Another great way to
beat stress is by squeezing a distressing ball, which can be found at most major retail stores.

Stay active and live life to the fullest everybody! You can do it! I’m 74 years of healthy proof!


Jerry Rothouse

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