Baby Boomer Statistics: All about the Baby Boomers Generation

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During the period between 1946 and 1964 or between post World War II and the Vietnam War, a significant increase of birth rate was recorded. This generation was called the baby boomers generation.

If you were born within the years 1946 and 1964, you can consider yourself as part of the baby boomers generation. This particular generation is one of the generations that contributed a lot in politics and also to the culture of the United States.

The main cause of the baby boom was the after effect of World War II. In this period, cities were in rubbles and world economies that were affected severely by the war were in need for goods and services. The needs were so staggering that it is considered as the largest in peacetime.

The United States have been providing a lot of money and also services for their allies in order to help them recover from the war. The United States factories which made war materials before began producing peacetime goods and materials for export. Because the United States began exporting goods and materials to the free world to help them rebuild their economy, it led to a very lucrative business and didn’t slow down up until 1958. Because of this growth, education became cheaper and many people began attending colleges and some even took second college degrees. Because of the increase in education and high incomes of families in this period, it made it possible for them to produce more children. Besides, they had enough money and resources for it.

Today, the baby boomers population is one of the largest in the United States. In fact, there were almost 76 million Americans born during the baby boomers period. This means that they represent about 28 percent of the United States population. This is considered as one of the largest in the United States history.

You have to consider that there are now millions of aging baby boomers today who have reached mid-life. Because of the significantly high population of the baby boomers generation, they contributed a lot to the United States. They were the manpower who was also responsible for the increasing economy of the United States. In fact, you can even consider the baby boomers as the economy of the United States.

The baby boomers today also hold a large amount of government offices. In fact, the highest office in the United States already had 2 baby boomers, namely Bill Clinton and the incumbent president George W. Bush.

You have to expect that baby boomers will be on the political scenery for quite some time.

Also, because of the advancement of technology in the medical field, baby boomers are expected to live longer than their predecessors. Today, they now have access to advanced medical technology and great quality health care.

You should also expect baby boomers getting a hold of the judicial system for a long time in the United States. Statistics have suggested that baby boomers will be in political power up until 2010 to 2015. And, the political influence of baby boomers will be around for quite a long time.

Because people age, the government is also concerned about the health care budget for retiring baby boomers. As everyone knows, old age is always associated will illnesses and diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart related diseases. Because the baby boomer population is now in their late 50’s and 60’s, the government is now finding ways to adjust the national budget and dedicate more to health care benefits for retiring baby boomers. Obviously, the baby boomer population is one of the largest in the United States. Because of this, you have to consider the fact that without adjustment in the national budged, there will be shortages on health care financing.

Most baby boomers today are relying on their retirement benefits to provide for their health care needs.

As you can see, the baby boomers statistics on population is quite a large number. You have to consider the fact that baby boomers were one of the generations responsible for the significant boom in the United States workforce and economy.

Expect that society will further be influenced by baby boomers in the future and political views will be one of the fields that most baby boomers will have influence on.

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