Baby Boomer Values Shapes Their Own Lives

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The baby boomer generation lived within a set of values. These values must be identified to challenge, correct and criticize them. Their attitudes towards the specific areas of their lives including relationships, beliefs, world events and politics form their value system. This system helps them to react and act on various circumstances either in positive or negative ways.

Baby boomers obtain these values from their parents, teachers, peers, and media. The world shapes their values in a very dynamic and fluid way to what they have become today. Most baby boomers form their basic system values during the early years of their lives. Before they have reached 25 years old, their formulated values still lingers on them since the 1960 turbulence.

However, the baby boomer generation has defied categorization where they refuse to conform to their elder’s tradition and values. This is also true in terms of politics. As they ages, boomers are predicted to drift rights about their political values. Moreover, the latest studies shows that boomers stay as independent thinkers not committed to a single set of beliefs or values about politics. They are divided into ruthless ideological lines where their parents fail.

Baby boomer values remain extremely variable and virtually impossible to determine. They are too far more different compared to their predecessors and very sensitive to issues about politics. The generation prior to them is party-loyal thus following the lead of their parents. Boomers wanted to see every angle of the issues clearly upon their terms where political views are combined simultaneously, being conservative on several issues while liberal on others.

The surveys revealed that 74% favored environmental regulations, 55% favored the research on stem cell, 26% supported gay marriage, and 57% supported legal abortions. In addition, 4 out of 10 boomers admitted that they tend to be more conservative on politics as they age, 70% supported death penalty, 75% favored school prayers, and 65% agreed on curbing civil liberties due to terrorism.

Baby boomers also consistently split important matters on political candidates, key issues on the positions as well as personality. Some commonalities are apparent on most boomers. They are disappointed with the dual political systems and their government because of relying on their judgment upon making important economic and social decisions. 56% believe that their country will be benefited from a well-built third party and 32% trust their government for doing what is supposedly right. They also confront what the GI generation believes to be very important like military service, tax payments, and political issues assessment.

There are two important factors in shaping the values of boomers. First is how they were raised. Their generation was placed and doted in the limelight because they are the first generation after the World War II. They were given lots of opportunities compared to their parents. This directed them to become extremely concerned on their own interests. They rated issues according to what it will give to them. An issue must not be marked as liberal or conservative as long as it will favor their personal desires or needs effectively. Baby boomers in this kind of thinking cannot be generalized as the former hippies who have taken recreational drugs at Woodstock.

The second was the nature of generation. Baby boomer generation span for 18 years. It could emphasize that both parents and their children might be technically baby boomers. Diversity of views towards different issues is highly different.

Presently in the US, baby boomers have the highest share in the cultural, political, academic, and industrial leadership class. They are referred to as the generation for cultural factors. Boomers always seek improvement on their society through their children which they considered as their parent’s greatest failure.

They are the best known hippies and counter-cultural generation but their conservatism associated with music became more normal to them. Boomers are like other past idealist generations who have ardent passion for social and personal improvement. Although their expressions of such passions changes, the intensity stays until they are out of their prominence age. The major sources which formed their values come into action, however weak signals that sometimes are added on their established values also makes a difference.

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