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Fittest Seniors Always Improve Themselves


As highly fit and healthy fittest seniors you are setting the example for others to follow.

You’ve prioritized being a member of the fittest seniors for many years.  You’ve earned your place in the elite group of fittest seniors. All the effort and sweat is really paying off now. Are you as shocked as I am when you see people your age who seem far older than you? We know we’ll never be like them. We’ll stay strong, active and vital for life. You’ve already proven to yourself that you can do that.

Keep Advancing

The fittest seniors set new goals. We challenge ourselves to reach beyond what we know we can do. That is the key to victory over atrophy. Don’t let up. Push harder than ever. I know, I’m age 72. I’ve been hearing the naysayers since I was in my 50s. “Oh, you can’t train so hard, you’re older now.” “You’ve got to start acting your age.” That’s what passes for “conventional wisdom” but I call it conventional nonsense. If I ever listened to them I wouldn’t still be running hills, swimming miles, running wind sprints, surfing and yes still skateboarding. I’m not about to give up any of my physical activities.  I’ve just started this winter swimming in colder water than I’ve ever done. Very difficult for me. I don’t know how far I’ll get but it’s a new challenge and satisfying.

I keep skating

Find Your New Challenge

Balance is power. Even the fittest seniors will have balance issues as we age. Loss of balance can cause a fall leading to injuries. A fall may occur while running or walking up or down a staircase. Try standing on one foot for one minute then switch to the other foot for one minute. This is good for your morning routine. You can then advance to standing on one foot dumbell curls and overhead presses. These movements strengthen your core stabilization.

Here I demonstrate a more advanced movement. 

Balance Is Power!

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