The Baby Boomer Generation Continues to ‘Boom’

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When you’re out in your neighborhood, you would usually see many teens hanging out together. Teenage life is probably the happiest and most exciting times. As a group, they would spend a lot of time doing things together. There are even times when they try to set a trend of some sort. This must be a reason why several generations are known for their different characteristics and uniqueness.

Baby boomers left a mark in history when they were born. And as they grew up, they were able to create ‘booms’ which affected the whole world.

After World War II, about seventy six million baby boomers were born. They all belonged to a nurturing and progressive family. Their parents want to ensure their success in the future by devoting themselves to care for their children in the social, spiritual and economic aspect.

Doctor Benjamin Spock was a well-known pediatrician that time. He was able to publish a book about baby care, which most mothers rely upon for advice and guidelines. Many parents in the US treated it like their second bible. Most baby boomers grew up in a home with a democratic environment which taught them about discipline and reason.

The generation of baby boomers is distinctively identified because of their personalities. They posses self-indulgence and self-esteem; they always think critically and are used to questioning anything that they see, these things make boomers stand out in every crowd.

Their generation does not want to obey existing rules, but they want to purify, justify, and enforce changes in certain aspects where they think it is necessary. Boomers light political and social fuses that brought dramatic changes which the whole world recognized.

The baby boomer generation represents about 29% of the US population. The generation is a ‘breakthrough’, as many people would like to put it. Boomers were a generation of the ‘stress’ and the ‘me’, as many astute marketers claim.

This notorious generation was not afraid to challenge the social norms, and transform them into norms which are acceptable for them. Baby boomers loved rock music, free love, and drugs and were all spearheaded by this generation. They are quite demanding in terms of product quality, convenience, and their money’s value. They want to make the most out of their time, and they don’t want to waste any moment.

At present, the boomers generation is now aging, but this doesn’t mean that the world is closing in on them. They are still alive and kicking. They want to stay youthful, and even retirement is out of their context. They have great interest in fitness, health, longevity, attractiveness, and always looking young. They are like teenagers once again.

Because of today’s medical advances, boomers can expect a few years added to their lives as compared to the preceding generation. This particular generation has great expectations on all things maybe because they are interested in traveling, are information-thirsty, well-educated, and always involved in political processes. The 21st century is a time where boomers dominated the scene because of their values, interests, and needs for fiscal and social policy which shaped today’s political agenda.

Boomers are further known as the generation of most divorced couples and a household with both parents working. This was in contrast on how they were raised by their parents. During their childhood years, their mothers stayed at home to attend to all their needs. But now, it’s very much different. These things redefined the family life and now it’s but ordinary to find families with only one parent, joining families, and re-marriage. Many children at present grew up from broken families or their parents re-marrying.

Then there was the gender revolution and egalitarianism ideal, which supports equality among all individuals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; this generation promotes equality and classlessness. They redefined the boundaries which set man and woman apart.

The baby boomer’s generation has contributed many important developments in the society, and the nation as a whole. And though they are now aging, they still want to stay on top and contribute whatever they can to the society where he/she belongs.

Their generation will long be remembered even if all baby boomers pass away. With their many contributions to the world, their ‘boom’ will still be heard for the coming years.

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