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As the founder and spokesman for Sweating Seniors, I was recently granted the opportunity to be interviewed by Will Anderson, the digital editor of the Austin Business Journal. You can read the full interview here!

Will had seen the press release announcing the formation of Sweating Seniors. During the interview, I spoke about my goals and the mission of our Sweating Seniors team which is to encourage people of all ages to think about their health and fitness. We will encourage people of all ages to prioritize their health and fitness and make decisions that will be beneficial for them. Although we are primarily focusing on the senior’s age group, we are providing valuable guidance that applies to everyone who plans on living long enough to become seniors. I address that issue in this article- Attention Everyone Who Wants to Live for a Long Time

I was asked how at age 71, (now 72) I have managed to maintain my health and fitness to the high level that I demonstrate in this video:

At age 13 I started noticing and remembering the differences between seniors who were old and weak and seniors of the same age group who were healthy and vigorous. I’ve always enjoyed physical activities although I was only a mediocre athlete. I had to accept the fact that some are gifted with greater athletic genetics than others. I developed my personal philosophy; “Know who you are and accept it”. Mother nature does not create a lot of star athletes but we all can and should be stars to ourselves by knowing we are doing the best we can with our own capabilities.

Another question: What is my least favorite exercise?

I don’t have a least favorite. I like them all. The harder the better. It’s all in our own minds. Running or even walking up a steep hill is either a heart breaker or a heart maker. It’s up to each individual to determine which it is. That mindset serves us well in all aspects of our lives.

My favorite?

That would have to be swimming. Remember, okay we really don’t remember it but we know that we spent the first several months of our lives in liquid. I love the feeling of moving through the water. Are you a swimmer? If so you know that feeling. If not I highly advise you to start. That’s an exercise with no harmful impact. You can swim all your life. You’re never too old and it’s great cardio conditioning.

I was asked about what I eat.

I’m on what’s called the hunter/gatherer diet, also known as Paleo. That type of diet is composed of fresh natural foods as nature created them. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, meat and fish. No processed man made foods. Strict Paleo also eliminates grains. I’m not saying they’re bad, only that my body runs better without them.

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